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Hello there!

Welcome to the first monthly newsletter from Numero11.

We always take a closer look at projects ignited by conscious brands and creative minds through the spectrum of sustainability, innovation, or both.

We thought it could inspire you too.



Nike enters sustainable shoe race with no-waste, recyclable sneaker.

Nike’s thirst for innovation stroke again:

Newest to date, the fully circular shoe ISPA Link Axis.

Designed in a close-loop system that yields no waste, every part of the shoe can be recycled.

An amazing feat.



Apple’s Mirage sculpture captures the world in glass.

Artists used hundreds of glass columns made from sand sourced from deserts around the world to craft a unique sculpture at Apple Park, California.

In partnership with UNESCO and geologists, the “Mirage” project is a global artwork designed in balance with nature. Visually healing.



Climate Week 2023:

from eco anxiety to eco optimism.

The 2023 NYC Climate Week edition empowered optimism with the campaign “We Can. We Will”. Focusing on highlighting the remarkable environmental work of hundreds of businesses, organizations and individuals, it showed that yes, the world had indeed seen some great wins over the past year.

Now that’s impact, and a clear sign that change is happening.



Ganni unveils bag made from bacteria as a new alternative to leathers and plastic-based materials.

Danish fashion brand Ganni just came up with a new sustainable alternative to leather, emitting up to 65 times less greenhouses gas emissions.

They unveiled a one-off edition of the Bou Bag made from bacterial nanocellulose, bacteria growing on threads and converting the food scraps into nanocellulose. Containing no plastic nor petrochemicals, the material can either biodegrade at the end of its life or can be recycled.



Positive stats - for the records.


There are 35 designers on NYFW's official schedule this season with a focus on sustainability - a significant step forward compare to previous years.


Bhutan announces a 'milestone achievement' with 39.5% increase in snow leopards numbers.


1 single wind turbine generates enough energy in a day to power 170,000 homes.


''Nature surprises us'': scientist in Brazil rediscover tree thought extinct for nearly 200 years.


At Numero11, we track, monitor and spot creative initiatives that we think make sense and do some good.


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