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Our second newsletter is here to ignite your inspiration.

We continue to select and share sustainability narratives that have a creative spark, drawing inspiration from nature itself and the people who take care of it.

Just as beauty manifests in various forms, so do sustainable initiatives.

We thought it could inspire you too.



Preventing coastal erosion with oyster shells.

Design Reef Lab designed and manufactured modules from an eco-blend concrete mixture and recycled shell aggregate to reduce the force of waves and prevent erosion along Greater Geelong's beach in Australia.

Also providing optimized habitat for marine life, it has turned into a snorkeling destination.

Six months after the installation, the results were already conclusive.

Design Reef Lab ©



Resurrecting extinct florals with Future Society.

Future Society Instagram ©

Seeking to explore nature through limitless ways, new brand Future Society reached out to the Harvard Herbarium in search of presumed-extinct plant specimens.

Using biotechnology and DNA sequencing, they translated them into scents, working with world-class perfumers to reconstruct the scents that these flowers might have had.

A reclaiming of possibility, and a reminder that we can still choose to create the future we desire.



Ensuring sustainable wool.

ZQ is the world’s leading standard of ethical wool, where growers need to meet the strictest standards of animal welfare, environmental sustainability, fibre quality, traceability, and social responsibility.

With animal welfare as a forefront concern, ZQ farms also create environmental plans to manage the impact growing wool has on the land and local ecosystems and the overall holistic health of local communities.

While many other growers do not know where their wool ends up, ZQ growers are connected to the brands that purchase their wool and customers buying ZQ wool products have the ability to trace the origins of their wool back to the grower.

More than complete !



Fashion Giant taking a stand on recycled textiles.

Zara ©

Zara-owner Inditex, the world's largest clothing retailer, has agreed to buy a substantial portion of recycled polyester textile from U.S. start-up Ambercycle over the next three years.

To kickstart this initiative and reach the 25% goal of "next-generation » fibers materials by 2030, Zara Athleticz launched their first capsule collection containing up to 50% cycora.

An investment underscoring the significance of collaboration among diverse stakeholders in driving the much-needed sustainability revolution within the fashion industry.

It is even more significant considering how such actions from influential industry leaders and major brands can spark inspiration and motivate other companies to join their efforts.



Positive stats - for the records.


A new survey found that the majority of customers in UK would opt for plastic-free sportswear if choices were readily available.


A South African NGO has purchased the largest captive rhino breeding operation for the world's biggest rewilding project.


Consumers affirming that they still need to be convinced by fashion brands to enter sustainable fashion according to a YouGov survey.


It's the number of time that scientists in China were able to recharge a solid-state lithium-sulfur battery, a breakthrough.


At Numero11, we track, monitor and spot creative initiatives that we think make sense and do some good.


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